About the Brand

"Thoughtfully designed, purpose-driven clothing that speaks volumes. All from the minds of teenagers."



How Did We Start?

Young Moguls Brand was founded in the summer of 2014, but the idea came long before that. The founders, Brandon Iverson(left) and Jordan Williams (right), are two 17 year old "teenpreneurs" that started their first business at 10 years old. By 14, they co-wrote their first book together called Who Needs An Allowance? A Teen's Guide to Starting Their Own Business. At the same time, they founded Making Money for Teens, a financial education company for teens. Through this company, Jordan and Brandon received the opportunity to speak around the country, be featured on radio shows and in magazines, and inspire many young teens to start businesses. 

What is Young Moguls?

Young Moguls Brand is more than a clothing line. It's a movement. Brandon and Jordan started the brand to inspire teens to achieve their dreams and let their voices be heard. Young Moguls is an urban line that promotes the positive message of teen entrepreneurship through apparel. Every design is thoughtfully made to promote this message. 

Our Mission

The mission of the brand is to create a "cult of creatives" who think for themselves and embody what it means to be a "young mogul." Teen entrepreneurship is important because the lessons that are involved translate directly to real life. Once you put on a piece of Young Mogul clothing, you are displaying to the world you are a part of something that is influencing the young generation in a positive way.