Young Mogul "New Standards" Photoshoot

The big focus of the summer of 2015 for Young Moguls has been rebranding. We have turned our attention towards rebranding the image of the company because we want to work towards becoming a respectable name in our industry. This first mean't transitioning from a "backyard company" into a professionally run business. To start, we focused on the quality of our new products. In the photo above, you can see me and Jordan Williams(co-founder) sporting our new custom made Global Mogul Tees. All of our new products are thoughtfully designed, created, and marketed around the "New Standard" image. In the photo above, Y.M. had the priviledge to team up with Lily McGregor Photography to perform a photoshoot in Atlantic Station. Lily and her husband took professional shots of Jordan and I all across town to show the roots of our company is inspired by the city of Atlanta. The goal of shooting in Atlantic Station was to create an urban look and feel around what it's like to wear Young Moguls clothing. We also wanted to create a sophiscated look to add to the photoshoot. LMP and our team headed to the Atlantic Hotel in order to utilize the beatiful Atlanta skyline in the background. The purpose of dressing up in suits was to help people understand the balance of one's attire. It's cool to not only wear a t-shirt/tank top casually, but to also feel good in a suit depending on the occasion. In order to become a "Young Mogul" it's important to find that balance in your dress wear in order to convey the appropriate message in any setting. Overall, we are really pleased with the work that Lily McGregor Photography did for us and you can check out their work at We plan to use these images for our new marketing campaign launching later in July! Stay tuned!