Brandon Iverson and Jordan Williams are teen entrepreneurs from Atlanta, Georgia. Before the creation of Young Moguls Brand, the duo started their first business together at 10 years old called Kids Toys Inc., an online store for kids to buy used toys and games. At 13, Brandon and Jordan started a teen financial education company called Making Money for Teens. Through MMFT, the duo produced an educational CD series and authored two books, Who Needs An Allowance? and the Teenpreneur Marketing Guide. Today, Brandon and Jordan travel across the country speaking to schools, churches, and youth organizations on entrepreneurship. Through their entrepreneurial endeavors, Brandon and Jordan have had the opportunity to be featured in several magazines, on the Tom Joyner Radio Show, Steve Harvey, FOX, PBS and much more. 


YOUNG MOGuls Brand

Young Moguls Brand was founded in the summer of 2014. It is an urban clothing line that promotes teen entrepreneurship and positivity through trendy wear. The line encourages people of all ages to "Wear Your Story." Whenever you put on a Mogul product,  you are telling the world you are chasing your goals and dreams no matter how old you may be. The mission is to create a "cult of creatives" who think for themselves and embody what it truly means to be a "Young Mogul."