Spotlight :: Mariel Lindsey, The Artist Behind the Identity Series

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by: Jordan W. & Mariel L.

We recently rolled out our newest product line, the Identity Series, a few weeks ago. The pre-release response has been amazing, and we want to say thank you to everyone that has been showing support. We thought it would be fitting to use this blog post to provide deeper insight into the origin of the Identity Series. The more I think about our previous Young Moguls projects, the more I realize that we often show you guys the finished product, but fail to show you the creative process that happened behind the scenes!


The 4-month progression of this product line has been beautiful to watch. From the beginning, we knew that it was time to challenge ourselves artistically. We wanted to create a product line that did more than simply feature the words “Young Moguls Brand” on the front. We wanted to create something that had a deeper meaning than usual; our aim was to use this product series as a way of empowering different types of leaders and relating to their personal stories.


After taking some time to brainstorm, Brandon proposed the idea of an “Identity Series” product line. He expressed that each product would feature a word such as Creator, Visionary, and Influencer. Then on the back, the product would feature some type of abstract artwork that depicts the mindset or spirit of that specific type of individual.


I was instantly in love with the concept. We got the ball rolling on this initiative while we were both home for Christmas Break. Brandon and I both have a fair amount of graphic design skills, but with this new Identity Series project, we knew that we needed artistic talents beyond those which we possessed. We wanted to partner with a local artist that could help bring our idea for the murals to fruition. Beyond that, we wanted to take on the new challenge of collaborating with a fellow creative and bringing different perspectives into our brand’s work.

A few days later, the perfect opportunity presented itself. As I was scrolling on Instagram, I came upon the art page of an individual named Mariel Lindsey. Her artwork was incredible, but what stood out to me even more was that she was a creative college student that Brandon and I could relate to.

We expressed our vision to her, and thankfully, Mariel loved the concept. With Mariel onboard, we knew that this product series had a great deal of potential. Collaborating with her to bring together the 3 murals in this project was an amazing experience. She’s a true professional, and we both admired how she excelled on this project while also being a full-time student at the University of Miami. In an effort to highlight her talents, we took some time to ask Mariel a few questions about her craft and the work she did for the Identity Series:

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Tell us about your background (where you’re born, grew up, early interests)

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Bel Air, Maryland. As a child, most of my interests were in sports (volleyball and track) but around middle school art started to become more of an interest. It started as more of a hobby then became more towards high school.

What school do you go to and what are you majoring/minoring in?

I go to University of Miami and I am majoring in architecture and minoring in fine arts and marketing.

Tell us about how you developed a passion for art

My passion for art really started in school; that’s when I was exposed to it. Most of my art work started as pencil drawings and then as I was introduced to new medias I gravitated more toward painting and colored pencil.

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How would you describe your artistic style?

I don’t know how I would describe my artistic style; I just kind of do whatever I want. I mean I have things that I prefer more than others. I like working with color a lot, but I think having a “style” restrains an artist.

How did you eventually start making money from your art?

I started making money off my work in high school when I sold my very first piece at an art show my school was holding and it just grew from there.

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How do market yourself effectively and find new business opportunities?

I don’t really “market” myself; I just do what I love and find opportunities where and when I can.

What was your inspiration/process for working on this Identity Series mural collection?

My inspiration really came a lot from street art can color. Like I said before I love working with color and seeing how the relationships can produce different outcomes.

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What does being a mogul mean to you? How do you embody the spirit of a mogul?

I think I embody the spirit of being a mogul by running my own business while also in school. Being a mogul means you’re determined, ambitious and always trying to achieve your goals.

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